Reem AlKhatib
Store Manager – M.A.C.

Reem Alkhatib has found the perfect balance of pursuing her passion for makeup and the opportunity to fulfill her career ambitions. Reem started her career at Alshaya in 2003, when she joined as a makeup artist for the internationally recognised makeup brand M.A.C in 2003. Through Alshaya employee training programmes she went on to discover that she was interested in taking on more responsibility and exploring the managerial side of retail.

With the growth of the business, Reem’s talent both as a make-up artist and as a potential store manager was rewarded when she was promoted from senior makeup artist to her current position. She describes her role as a store manager saying “What I enjoy most about my position is that I get to experience the best of both worlds, I am still a makeup artist offering support, guidance and makeup techniques to my team and my customers, yet I am exposed to the managerial side of running a store.”

Reem also enjoys the multicultural environment at M.A.C and believes it allows for character growth. Moving to Kuwait for the first time, she experienced working alongside different cultures at Alshaya. Her team receives many training courses which she believes are integral to their career advancement. “Alshaya and its brands encourage professional development and I have experienced first-hand the opportunities we have as the business expands, she comments,” adding “one day I see myself developing in my career to pursue an out of store position, but for now, I am content practicing what I am most passionate about.”

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