Kindah Yacob–Agha
Head of Marketing
Alshaya Catering

Kindah has had a long-standing relationship with Alshaya. Prior to joining the company she spent several years working as an account director at a local advertising agency and handled some of Alshaya’s food, fashion and footwear brands. In June 2010, she decided to make the move from agency side to in-house and joined Alshaya as a field marketing manager for the popular Starbucks brand.

“Alshaya has been my smartest career move to date,” Kindah said. “After working for several years in the marketing and communications industry, I can recognise that the opportunities for professional development here are unlike anywhere else.”

After working in the Food division for a year, Kindah took a leap of faith and moved to a completely different sector of the business – leisure and entertainment – to join the KidZania brand as the Marketing Partners Manager. Kindah’s role offered her the chance to tackle the challenges that come with starting a new division head on, and she led the team that has successfully developed the sponsorship business model that is fundamental to KidZania’s proposition.

Learning about the brand’s sponsorship business model and helping both the company and local business professionals understand it has been an enormous challenge.

Kindah has most recently been promoted to the position of Head of Marketing for Alshaya’s newest Division – Catering.

“I’m so lucky to have been able to participate in all the steps of setting up a new business, beginning with feasibility studies and construction, through to HR, recruitment, marketing and sponsorship. The leisure and entertainment industry is a new and exciting adventure for Alshaya, and I am glad to be a part of it.”

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